Lil Pirate Exchange

Time & Place

 The Lil Pirate Exchange is for sell.                We are not having an event this year.


Schedule of Events

Monday August 1st…..Event Setup

Tuesday August 2nd…..Consignor Drop Off

 WEDNESDAY PRESALE EVENT  August 3rd…5pm-9pm                                                                                             Pre-Sale Event for volunteers & consignors                                                                                                                               5pm for Matey Volunteers & 6pm for Consignor Captains

THURSDAY PRESALE & PAID PUBLIC EVENT  August 4th…10am-7pm                                                            Thursday Pre-Sale Event begins at the Following Times for:

Public-$5 Early Entry Fee…10am-until  Registered New Moms…noon Facebook Invites..3pm

FRIDAY PUBLIC SALE EVENT  August 5th….10am*-7pm                                                                                             (9am public entry if you bring 2 cans of food for the foodbank)                                                                             *****HELP US FILL THE FOODBANK*******
Bring 10 cans to receive a $5 off coupon to the LPE, Friday only
Bring 20 cans to receive a $10 off coupon to the LPE, Friday only

SATURDAY 50% & 75% OFF SALE EVENT August 6th…10am-7pm
(Mateys get in at 9am & Consignors get in at 9:30am)
Support Our Schools(S.O.S.)A portion of our proceeds will go to 2 schools ( 1 random draw)
X Marks the Spot All Items saying yes to discount and marked with an “X” are 50% off.
All items stamped “discount 75%” will go to 75% off after 4pm Saturday.

Sunday   August 7th…….Closed on Sunday

Monday Madness   August 8th……………..all day
Mateys Volunteers get to shop while they sort for all that missed treasure!                                                                                             50% & 75%off discounts still apply!

Tuesdays Treasures   August 9th…….all day

Matey Volunteers continue all day hunt for buried treasure!

Last Chance Wednesday  August 10th……...all day

Last Chance for Matey Volunteers to find buried treasure!

Consignor Pickup Wednesday August 10th ,5pm-8pm at the Greenville Convention Center

Download our Sales Flyer

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