Lil Pirate Exchange

Consignor Captains


Obtain a Consignor Number Here or Returning Consignors Click Here


Participating consignors pay a $10 consignor fee & make 70% on items sold. We have easy ways to waive fees and earn up to 80%. Consignors shop early Wednesday at 6pm and 9:30am on Saturday.


WE DO NOT ACCEPT:  Clothing that is over 5 years old, stained or heavily worn, VHS tapes, crib mattress'(unless in original plastic),  and car seats/boosters over 5 yrs old.  Stuffed animals must be electronic and are limited to 3 per consignor. We ACCEPT Maternity Clothes.

BRING A SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE WITH YOU TO DROPOFFS or Pickups.   PICKUP unsold items on Wednesday following the sale from 5pm-8pm.  Checks will be mailed in about a week following pickups.  WE CANNOT HOLD ANY ITEMS.  If you forget to come pickup your items, we will hold the consignor check and items for 2 weeks.   We will take $25 from the consignor check for storing items.  If items are not picked up in two weeks, items will be donated and check will be mailed.  You will need to contact us through email.  All items will be donated to Hope of Glory Ministries, God’s Love, the Whistle Stop or Carolina Pregnancy Center.

ARE YOU ON SOCIAL MEDIA?  Help us grow this event by sharing and talking to others.  The more you share the more you sell!


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LOOK what we offer

Wednesday evening shopping….. Consignors shop the best kids consignment sale in town on Wednesday evening from 6 pm-9 pm. Consignors also get in early Saturday at 9:30 a.m.

75% off ….You may mark some of your items 75% off after 4pm on Saturday.  You do this when you come to drop off your items at the sale, so separate any items you want to mark to 75% off.  Free Day care…. All our matey/volunteer shifts offer free childcare coupons from Playdate.   Playdate hours are limited to one child per volunteer up to 7 hours for the entire event.  Let me know(Lisa) at the sale and I will give you your hours. Remember: Playdate will only watch children over the age of 12months. Don’t see a shift to fit your need? Email Lisa at and we will try to work it out.  We offer a PRICE & TAG SERVICE….however, it is closed for the upcoming event in 2016.  CONTACT if you want us to prepare & price items for you. If you live in the surrounding area, we will pick up your items or meet you where convenient: price, tag and sell your items! We take a 50/50 split and will donate or give back to you those things that did not sell, whatever you prefer.  There is an extra charge if we provide hangars.   Once I am done pricing your items, I will contact you so you can edit any prices you do not agree with. After the sale is over, PRICE & TAG CUSTOMERS MUST PICKUP ITEMS THAT DID NOT SALE AT THE CONVENTION CENTER ON WEDNESDAY following the sale between 5pm & 8pm.  SORRY, NO EXCEPTIONS.    Simply email if you would like to set up a time to meet.

Ways to waive consignor fee and ways to earn up to 80%

      Waive consignor fee:

    • Hand out flyers. We will send an email out when flyers are in town to be picked.  These will be available about a month before the sale.
    • Volunteer two hours of your time. Email
    • Got suggestions? We’re flexible? Email
        Earn 75%….(up to 80% with 4 volunteer shifts)

      • Get three of your friends to consign. (They must put your name down as the one who referred them when they sign up, and they mus participate)
      • Get us on the radio, we must know what station, days and times to receive credit.
      • Find us sponsors.
      • Get us interviewed on television.
      • Volunteer and earn 75% or up to 80% and free daycare! Check the matey page for further details.


Why be a consignor captain?

Why not? Honestly, because it is a great way to get rid of those nicer items that you don’t want to donate or sell in a yard sale. You make more money by consigning them at an event like this than trying to sell them at a secondhand shop! Here are just some of the reasons consigning is the way to go:

  1. Consignor captains shop before the public
  2. You set your own price…volunteer for three shifts and earn 75% or four shifts for 80% of your sale price! That’s more than you will make anywhere else!!! (70% if you are not volunteering with easy ways to waive the consignors fee).
  3. You get to electronically tag your own items on your own time (no more rushing around throwing stuff together for the inevitable yard sale)
  4. No more overpriced advertising for your yard sale
  5. No more dragging items to the donation center (we do that for you)
  6. No more taking items to the second hand shop and waiting 3 months on a check for 1/2 the sales price or getting paid…what!?! for your children’s items
  7. Meet other moms in the area
  8. and my personal favorite, get your preteen/teenager to sell their things and volunteer for you at the  Lil Pirate Exchange. Seriously, if you have a teenager, what a wonderful opportunity for them to sell their gently used stuff! They get to price, tag, and sell their stuff for CASH! They can also volunteer for more incentives and life experiences!

Let’s Get Started

  1. Obtain a Consignor Number Here or Returning Consignors Click Here
  2. Gather your children’s things asking yourself the following questions: does the item look new? Is it less than 5 years old, is it torn, missing buttons, seams separating, stained?  Do the toys and puzzles have all their pieces.  Are the books in good shape; no tears, scribbles or teeth marks?
  3. Gather the materials you will need to tag your merchandise. See below for information on needed supplies and preparation.
  4. Go to our website, sign in under consignors, and start pricing your items. Click here for pricing guidelines.
  5. Bring your items to the Greenville Convention Center at your scheduled drop off time. BRING A S.A.S.E (Self-addressed stamped envelope) with you to dropoffs. Click here to schedule a drop off time and/or volunteer time.
  6. Bring a S.A.S.E(self addressed stamped envelope) and pick up items that did not sell and  you do not want donated on Tuesday following the sale between 5pm-8pm.  Checks will be mailed about a week following the event.   IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

Needed Supplies, Preparing, & Tagging

You must have a computer and printer in order to sell your items. You will need the following to get started: safety pins, zip ties, plastic bags (all sizes), clear packing tape, highlighter, hangers (plastic & wire), and white cardstock. Fortunately, the dollar tree carries all of these things, except cardstock, for the amazing low, low price of….you guessed it, $1.00! You can find cardstock at Wal-Mart or any of the office supply stores. You can also check with the dry cleaners to see if they have any free hangers.  Note: Your items will be sold with the hanger, so do not spend a lot on hangers. After you have your supplies and items to sell, you will need to go on the Lil Pirate Exchange website to start tagging your items. All items must have a barcode label attached that has been printed from our website (see example below). Once in the tagging system, you will see it prompts you on whether you want items discounted and/or sold at 1/2 price on Sunday. I would strongly encourage you to sell at 1/2 price. If you choose to do so, place an ‘X’ across the entire tag.  You may use a highlighter of any color to do so.  This way, shoppers can quickly identify your item as a Sunday discount and will draw further attention to it. Also, if you are donating your items, you need to highlight the entire right side of your tag. This is very important to do. We quickly look for the highlight mark, and if we do not see it, your items will not be donated (whether you indicated them to be on the tag).See the marking guide below: Important Note: No items can be marked under $1.00. If the item will not sell for a dollar, then add something to  it (IE: attach multiple onesies, sleepers, pajamas together) and ask for more.  Note: If you choose to bundle books, make sure they do not have marks in them or torn pages. We must always strive to sell quality items.  They may be put in plastic bags together, but do not seal the bags with tape so shoppers may flip through the pages. Clothes must be on hangers. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY CLOTH ITEMS IN BAGS. THIS MEANS ONESIES, BIBS, BURP CLOTHS, TOWELS, BLANKETS, SHEETS, ETC MUST BE ON A HANGAR OR WE WILL HAND THEM BACK TO YOU AT DROP OFFS. Safety pin skirts, pants, and any shirts/dresses that can fall off the hanger with a gentle tug to the top of a wire hanger (refer to drawing above). Only safety pins will be accepted, no straight pins or clothespins. Hang all garments so that the hanger makes a question mark (?). Button all buttons, snap all snaps, and zip all zippers, plus a quick iron if needed. Remember, presentation is key to selling your stuff! Tags should be placed on the upper right hand corner of the garment (again, refer to drawing above). If the fabric is delicate, please pin bar code to hangar, seam or label. We don’t want to tear the fabric. Shoes should be zip tied together through lace holes along with your tag that has been punch holed. You can strengthen the punch hole on the tag with adhesive punch hole tabs or tape to avoid the tag being ripped from the shoe. Shoes must be clean with little indication of wear or they cannot be accepted. Books, CD’s/DVDs, X-box, Nintendo & PlayStation games should not be taped shut, we will need to check for scratches. You may place the box and game/DVD in a plastic bag so shoppers can look through bag at back of DVD to check for scratches. Tape your price tag to the front of the box. Do not tape over the bar code or the scanner will not be able to read it! Remember WE CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEFT. YOU SELL YOUR ITEMS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Puzzles, board games, etc. need to be taped so all pieces will stay together. You can put small pieces in Ziploc bags and attach to the puzzle or game.  Please count and ensure all pieces are there! If we sell something that is lacking pieces or is broken, then we will soon have no customers! Toys, as with the above, need to have all pieces there and in Ziploc bags. Firmly attach all pieces to one another so they don’t get separated during the sale. A cautionary note: when attaching items together, avoid taping over paper stickers, scenes, etc…it will ruin the toy when it gets ripped off! Just use your best judgment. Small items such as rattles should be placed in a bag or zip tied  with other similar toys and sold as a group(2 or 3 ).  Some nicer, larger rattles can be sold individually.  The bag needs to be sealed at the top with clear packing tape and your sale tag taped on the outside of the bag with clear packing tape. Remember not to cover the bar code with the tape. Car seats cannot be over 5 years old, and never been in a wreck. All car seats will be accepted and then inspected to ensure they are not recalled. Any recalled car seats will be pulled off the sales floor and given back to the consignor at pickups. Check the bottom of the car seat for expiration date. Do not bring expired car seats to the sale and check a recall website to ensure there is no recall.

  • *Check the CPSC website for any potential recalls* If you are not sure about a toy, crib, etc. You can enter the name, serial number, manufacturer brand to see if there was a recall.  You can also check the we make it safer website at the top of the page.
  • Consignor Captains be warned we can not be responsible for items that are lost, stolen, switched, or separated. Please make sure everything is done to secure your items and tags!
  • Consignor Captains ye be warned: You must have at least $100 worth of items in order to participate(be it one item or twenty).
  • Consignor Captains ye be warned: There is a $10 participation fee that will be deducted from your loot(check).