Lil Pirate Exchange

About Us

 The Lil Pirate Exchange is an annual children’s consignment sale designed to bring great bargains and sales to all who participate. We are dedicated to giving back to a community we cherish and hope this sale will become a vibrant seam in the fabric of down east living. Our hope is to spark enthusiasm for smarter economic choices through the resell of our friends and neighbors gently used items. A direct benefit of the Lil Pirate Exchange is rendered to Pitt and surrounding counties as more money is generated back into the hands of the consumer, consignor and shopper alike. As we continue to grow, so will our support of schools and the foodbank.  We have given close to $10,000 to local schools over the past 5 years and provided around 1000 meals at our last event.
The captains of this ship are 20plus year residents of Greenville, NC and are Alumni of East Carolina University(’87 & ’86).  We are happily raising three little pirates of our own. Well, one pirate, one princess and one aw mom!
The Lil Pirate Exchange sail, sales, sells once a year in August at the Greenville Convention Center.

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