Lil Pirate Exchange

Welcome to the Lil Pirate Exchange!

The Lil Pirate Exchange is a semi-annual children’s consignment event that takes place twice a year at the Greenville Convention Center. Consignors pay a $10 consignor fee and earn 70% on items sold. Consignors have easy ways to waive the consignor fee and earn more. Just check out our consignor page.
OUR PRICE & TAG SERVICE IS AVAILABLE FROM MARCH 1ST-JULY 1ST FOR OUR FEBRUARY EVENT & SEPTEMBER 1ST-JANUARY 1ST FOR OUR AUGUST EVENT. Email lisa@lilpirateexchange if you have no time to consign but want to participate.
Shopping at the Convention Center is FREE and shoppers have easy ways to earn shop early passes. Just check out our shoppers page.

 Spring/Summer Event is February 6th-8th, 2015

ConsignmentMommies - Children's Seasonal Consignment Sales

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so we can keep you informed of our events happening in February and July/August at the Greenville Convention Center. We send all info through email and facebook.

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you are on your way to treasures untold! You will find us twice a year at the Greenville Convention Center. We are there  in February for our spring/summer event and again in late July or early August for our fall/winter/back to school event.

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